Curriculum Christian Papke
Theatre-, Music- und Literary Projects since 2001
Vienna, Jan. 2012
Christian Papke was born in Switzerland, in a German family, but grew up in Brazil.
He studied theatre, literature, social and economic science and philosophy in Vienna,
Paris, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Hamburg, working his way through university
by directing a dance group.
He also taught at the University of Vienna as a teaching assistant,
defending his doctoral thesis in 2001.
He began his career in direction with Dorfman’s Death and the Maiden,
which has been followed by musical performance, radio dramas and theatre plays.
His last show was „The Merry Widow“ (Franz Lehár), National Opera House, Tirana.
In 2003 he established a small, socially engaged organisation, through which he has
organised over 170 events, concerts and readings in the last years up to 2010.
Two years later Papke started the intercultural initiative “Talking about borders”,
and within it, an International Drama Competition for Eastern Europe.
This opened the doors to his further work at the Austrian Ministry of European
and International Affairs.
Papke was also voted as the youngest member into the Austrian PEN Centre, from 2007
until 2011 he was member of its board. 
Dr. Christian Papke
+43 67 67 33 33 44